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Mothers Circle

The Mothers Circle at The Wild Hub is the perfect place for mum's to come together in a safe and judgement-free space. Take a break from the chaos of motherhood and connect with other mum's while your children have fun with toys and activities. This is a space where you can offload and share without fear of judgement, and connect back with yourself and others. You are not alone, and we are here to hold space for you.

Join us in the Garden Room of Walpole Community Center, we start of with 15minutes to settle into the space and attend to our children's needs, we then open the circle and start with a grounding meditation, embracing the joyful chaos of our children. Despite the lively atmosphere, we create a safe haven to share openly, listening attentively and holding space for each other. Amidst the occasional chaos, this sanctuary offers a rare opportunity for connected and meaningful conversations. Together, we explore various topics brought to the circle, drawing upon collective wisdom and reassurance. before we head home we always close our circle and give thanks to each other for showing up for us.

Join us at The Wild Hub's Mothers Circle and experience the support and connection you deserve.

Thanks to the generous funding from the 'Community Lottery Fund' and the 'Norfolk Early Childhood Community Fund,' we're able to bring these sessions to life. Their support is instrumental in fulfilling a vital need within our community.

While our sessions are free of charge, we gratefully accept donations to sustain and enhance our services. Whether it's through PayPal, cash on the day, or BACs transfer, your contributions make a world of difference, allowing us to continue our mission of enriching the lives of families in our area.

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Support Group Circle


Me and my 2 sons 2 years and 2 months attended the first mother circle. 

We were greeted with such kindness and felt comfortable and welcomed straight away. 

I felt safe to share and comforted around other mothers. My eldest loved being around other children who got to play freely in a safe environment. We will attend again. Highly recommend

Support Group Circle


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