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Family Club

About Session

Come and join us at Walpole community center, as we host two exciting sessions every week, each offering a unique exploration for children and their adults. It's not just about the little ones though; our gatherings provide a wonderful opportunity for adults to connect with fellow locals, fostering friendships that can be a lifeline, especially in the tranquility of rural village life, We enhance this further with our Mothers Circle - this is a safe space for us women to open up in safe space about our worries and wins. Our inclusive and welcoming environment offers an array of activities suitable for children of all ages. From enchanting story times to engaging craft sessions, from the joy of messy play to the excitement of special event parties, there's something for every young explorer. Plus, we regularly welcome professionals such as Health Visitors, Family Hub representatives, Early Year’s Team members, and Breastfeeding Consultants, offering invaluable support and guidance to parents. Join us at the Walpole Community Centre, conveniently located at Summer Close, Walpole St Andrew, Wisbech PE14 7JW, every Monday and Tuesday. Additionally, we'll be hosting one outdoor session a month, meeting at the park adjacent to the community center. Thanks to the generous funding from the 'Community Lottery Fund' and the 'Norfolk Early Childhood Community Fund,' we're able to bring these sessions to life. Their support is instrumental in fulfilling a vital need within our community. While our sessions are free of charge, we gratefully accept donations to sustain and enhance our services. Whether it's through PayPal, cash on the day, or BACs transfer, your contributions make a world of difference, allowing us to continue our mission of enriching the lives of families in our area. For any inquiries or to offer your support, please reach out to Viki at 07902136902 or email us at We're here to answer any questions and warmly welcome your involvement in our thriving community initiative.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Most of our activities are ran free of charge. If you have given a donation, this can not be refunded. We will however honor this, as we appreciate all our donations. Providing you have given more than 24hrs notice, we will reschedule your booking onto a different activity. If you have purchased a ticket for a paid event; 1. If you cancel more than 72hrs before the event , we will issue a full refund. 2. If you cancel 48hrs you can transfer to a friend or offer your ticket to someone in the community. 3. If you cancel within 24hrs or don’t show up and haven’t told me you’re not coming, no refunds or transfers will be offered. If The Wild Hub cancel for any reason, We will offer you a refund or the option to transfer your ticket if you prefer.

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